Rhodope  Bulgarian Mumio, a mummy powder from Kushla for bone healing-100 grams



Rhodope  Bulgarian Mumio, a mummy powder from Kushla for bone healing

The world’s only deposit of the natural healing mineral that cures broken, cracked, arthritic and anything related to the bone system is found in the Rhodope Mountains.

It is also called mummy, mountain balm, mountain mummy, black gold.

Mummy is mined from an underground vein that is 2-3 meters deep and quite difficult to mine.

The secret of mumio (mummy) is that it contains atomic (ionic) calcium, which is directly absorbed by the body. Scientists have a theory that the mummy settled 300-350 million years ago from dinosaur remains, hence the amazing healing effect.

It takes a month to repair any broken bone. It is used by people having bone strength complaints, by adults for bone prevention and most of all for broken bones in accidents and domestic accidents.

Taking Mumio not only restores broken bones quickly but also promotes strong bones and healthy joints and cures arthritis.

Mumio serves as prevention of osteoporosis.

Scientists are adamant the natural product has incredible power,broken bones and joint diseases heal faster with drinking “mummyo” than with drug treatment.

But none of them can explain the origin of the mummy, but more and more often the theory of a rock symbiosis, formed thousands of years ago, hiding tremendous energy in itself at its very formation, is creeping in.

It is a miracle cure for bones and joints because it is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and much more. It enhances regenerative processes many times over.

There are no lame or stooped people among the Kushlen, who are about 50 adults. Local people have been using Rhodope mumio for their ailments for centuries.

In the past, all the Rhodope kekhai used to send a ratay to Kushla in late autumn to load up the Kushla mumio. They used to cure the sheep’s feet when they drove them to Belomorje. On the way, many of the sheep went lame. After splinting and dressing with the mummy, they recovered in a few days.

Everybody in the Rhodopes knew that the mummy strengthens the bone system and helps to quickly repair various bone fractures.

That is why over the millennia it has gathered hundreds of legends around it.

But during socialism, the healing remedy was forgotten because the village of Kushla is not 200 metres from the very border with Greece, which was once a country unfriendly to us. One could enter there only with the permission of the police.

With the mummy, bandages could be made on the diseased place, but

it is most useful if drunk dissolved in water.

One packet is used twice, dissolved in 5 quarts of water, and stirred periodically. After 2-4 hours and about at least three stirrings, wait for the solution to settle. The settled water is white in colour and is drunk at any time instead of water. After using the mummy in two loads of water, it is removed , dried and used for poultices and compresses on diseased areas.

The organism cannot be overdosed because if there is excess, urine, sweat etc is thrown out.

The trick is to stand for at least 2-3 hours each time to dissolve the calcium and all the accompanying healing substances. In the packet there is a ground up portion of the healing mineral for easier solubility in water.

For broken bones one recovers in a month, but it is good to drink prophylactically for at least another month. That’s somewhere around 20-25 packets. For adult prophylaxis at least two weeks every three months, that’s 5-7 packs.