Pumpkin seed oil (Cucurbita pepo)-100 ml.



Pumpkin seeds are a true storehouse of nutrients. And introducing a small amount of oil into your daily diet is a great way to get these substances without overloading the body.

This product contains:

vitamin A – the key to good vision and youthful skin;

vitamin E is one of the most famous natural antioxidants;

vitamins of group B – participate in almost all metabolic processes;

vitamin C – a natural antioxidant and protector of the body;

zinc is an essential mineral for the beauty and health of the reproductive system;

magnesium is an anti-stress mineral;

omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the work of the heart, brain and liver;

phytosterols – hormones for beautiful skin and health of the endocrine and reproductive system;

flavonoids – help maintain liver health.

Remember that oil can bring not only benefits, but also harm. First of all, we are talking about allergies and individual intolerance. Therefore, before introducing a new product into the diet or starting to use new cosmetics, you should test the body’s reaction to a small amount of oil.

Patients with diabetes mellitus of the first and second type must necessarily consult a doctor before taking the oil. The composition of pumpkin seeds includes the substance D-chiro-inositol, which enhances the action of insulin and affects the mechanism of blood sugar regulation. Exceeding the norm of the product can lead to sad consequences for the diabetic.

Patients with cholelithiasis should also be careful about dietary innovations. Pumpkin seeds have a choleretic effect and can cause gallstones to move.

It is also important to remember that pure pumpkin seed oil has a laxative effect and can be used for constipation.

Pumpkin oil in cosmetology: hair and skin beauty

The benefits of this product are known not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology: as part of masks and creams, the oil improves the color and condition of the skin of the face, fights acne and dermatitis, relieves irritation and inflammation, strengthens hair and nails.

At home, you can make masks for the care of mature skin, for dry skin, to get rid of inflammation and acne. At the same time, you can apply the oil as an independent medicine or mix it with other natural ingredients. For nail growth, it is recommended to take “pumpkin” baths. Pumpkin oil for hair will help against excessive hair loss. A course of masks lasting 2 months helps to strengthen the hair and stimulate their growth, and also nourishes the scalp.