Lavender flower (Angustifolia)-50 grams



Description: The dried flower of Lavender is the most popular natural aroma, which is widely used not only in the confectionery industry, but also in cooking and decoration.

Lavender is the favorite flower of gourmet cuisine and it deserves it. The delicate aroma of lavender oil can ennoble almost any dessert, giving it depth, volume and a completely unique sound.

Action: Lavender is used in the form of buds, and in the form of decoctions, and in the form of syrups.

Lavender seeds, dried flowers, help from moths, in cooking, food, baking, dry, lavender tea, coffee.

Lavender in cooking

Lavender flowers are added for flavor to baked goods, jams and desserts, flavored with honey, sugar and salt. It is possible to make lavender tea, which should soothe.

Dried lavender in bags.

Dry lavender (flowers) are hung in bags in cupboards and placed in chests of drawers between bed linen. Bed linen acquires an amazing scent of freshness and it is believed that the scent of lavender repels moths. Dried lavender flowers are also used in dry flower arrangements.

Packaging – package.

Origin of the product: Bulgaria