Grape Seed Oil-100 ml.



Description: Unrefined grape seed oil is a valuable product with unique properties.

Archaeological excavations confirm that this product was used in ancient Egypt and Greece in cooking as an ingredient in cosmetics to restore silkiness and shine to hair. The oil is obtained from grape seeds, but only the unrefined product from the 1st cold pressing has valuable properties.

Grape seed oil differs from other base oils by its very high linoleic acid content. Only sunflower oil can be considered its competitor in terms of fatty acid composition. The dominance of linoleic acid in the composition explains the rapid absorption of the base and its special effectiveness on oily skin.

The oil also contains other fatty acids – stearic, oleic, arachidonic, palmitic. They improve the penetrating and regenerating properties of linoleic acid, affect the texture and turgor of the skin.

Method: Cold pressed. Unrefined. Does not contain preservatives, is not mixed with other oils, guaranteed 100% natural product.


The benefits in the food industry.

Grape seed oil has a characteristic light yellow color with a slight greenish tinge. The taste is very delicate, with accentuated spicy notes, slightly perceptible aroma of bitter nuts. This combination allows you to emphasize the taste and aromatic qualities of ready meals, is used for dressing for sauces, preparing a variety of salads, very healthy mayonnaise. The spicy taste makes the use of the product universal; can be easily used for almost any dish. One of the characteristics of grape oil is its resistance to heat – the “smoke point” is 216 degrees, which allows it to be used for various fried dishes or in a pan. In the preparation of various dishes, grape seed oil will go well with garlic, spices and fresh herbs, fondue, marinades. Cereals and cereals, garnishes acquire a spicy crust and an unusual, very delicate aroma. Professional chefs recommend replacing the classic sunflower or peanut butter with grapes for some dishes, which will transform the taste of well-known dishes and make it richer and brighter. The high content of oleic acid and the resistance to burning make it possible to use grape seed oil for frying vegetables, fish and meat. Ordinary potatoes acquire a very beautiful golden skin and appetizing smell, fully retaining all the useful properties. Omega-3 acids provide high resistance to oxidation and this allows the use of grape seed oil as an additive to camellia, flaxseed, olive oil to increase the shelf life.

Characteristics of use in cosmetology

Natural grape seed oil is actively used in modern cosmetology, having a beneficial effect on hair, nails or skin. This effect is provided by the high content of vitamin complexes, chlorophyll, polyunsaturated acids, phytosterols in the product. Such a unique composition makes grape seed oil most popular in cosmetology as a stand-alone product or in the form of additives for toners, shampoos, conditioners, nourishing creams and even detergents such as soap or shower gel.

The spectrum of action of grape seed oil is very wide:

the product is easily absorbed without leaving greasy stains, a feeling of stickiness;

the oil refreshes, tones the skin, increases elasticity, turgor, significantly accelerates the regeneration process, promotes the healing of scratches and wounds;

improves skin color, restores a healthy, beautiful appearance, promotes rapid exfoliation of dead cells and has a mild whitening effect;

for shampoos, shower gels or soaps, the property of restoring lipid metabolism, stimulating blood circulation and normalizing microcirculation is used;

regular use of cosmetics based on grape seed oil prevents the appearance of rosacea, cellulite deposits, the appearance of excessively oily skin;

antioxidant properties protect the skin from premature aging, ultraviolet best, creating a reliable barrier;

shampoos with grape seed oil improve the condition of the hair, restore elasticity, silky shine, softness of curls.

The use of oil for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes

Grape seed oil, unlike other similar products, has a rich vitamin complex and the highest content of vitamin E. All this makes the product practically indispensable for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Recent research confirms the beneficial effects of grape seed oil on a wide variety of systems and organs. Daily use of the product has an extremely effective anti-inflammatory, vasodilating and healing effect on wounds, allows you to strengthen the immune system, restore the functions of the reproductive system, the state of and the skin and mucous epithelium.

Doctors recommend regular use of a small amount of unrefined grape seed oil for the prevention of diseases of the central nervous system, endocrine system. Numerous studies around the world have made it a scientific fact about the unique properties, high efficiency of the oil, which helps to defeat such dangerous diseases as heart attack, stroke and even oncology. The use of oil during cooking makes it extremely effective in preventing sepsis, peritonitis, appendicitis, diseases of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

Origin of culture: Bulgaria

Storage: in a dry place, in glass or aluminum packaging, without direct sunlight at a temperature of +5 ° C to + 25 ° C

Precautions: Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life: up to 3 years